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Happy Valentine's Day

Yeah, I know. Everyone does one of these. Well, you know what? I can follow trends if I want to! I can have the good, clean(uh) fun that comes from giving those candy hearts a good send-up. Enjoy. Or ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Feb. 13, 2020

One-stop shopping for hurt

They're little slivers of another person's existence. Maybe a family, maybe a lonely bachelor, maybe a glutton. Our shopping lists really are a reflection of our souls....(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 24, 2018

It's trashy

Oh, Chef Boyardee, patron saint of mothers with X number of squirming, shrieking children to feed, what will you think of next?...(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 19, 2018

Goose Fact

Ah, the splendor of the natural world and all its creatures. ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 04, 2018


Sweeteners! They're in everything, but mostly drinks. Drinks are also where you tend to notice them the most. I have taken it upon myself to rank the most popular sweeteners (if you're disappointed yo...(Click to see more)

Posted: Nov. 28, 2017

American Bore Story

So, here's my experience with the show American Horror Story.

"Hey, man. You should check out American Horror Story."
"Oh, okay. I'll watch it."
"What did you think?"
"I watched a season. It w...(Click to see more)

Posted: Sep. 06, 2017

Evil Life Tip #17

A slightly evil life tip for how to score yourself a tropical vacation without paying your own money for it. Proceed at your own risk....(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 25, 2017

A good source of protein.

Indulge in decadence by getting yourself a box of these delightful treats. They're pure meat, dipped in pure milk chocolate, for a taste sensation that will have you robbing people at bus stations in ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 11, 2017

Coming soon to SYFY!

In the spirit of rather zany disaster movies, comes the latest original offering from SYFY! Don't worry about the fact that we were forced to change our name and picked the dumbest thing anyone could ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Mar. 11, 2017

Scent of a candle

A lot of research and development goes in to making those smells that people put in expensive-ass candles these days.

However, like all research efforts, there are some that die on the laboratory f...(Click to see more)

Posted: Jun. 03, 2016

Cancer: The Board Game!

You know the game of LifeĀ®, the board game with the little cars and the spinner? Yeah, this isn't like that game at all.

I was inspired by all the wonderful natural cancer "cure" advocates out the...(Click to see more)

Posted: Nov. 16, 2015

Food Luge

Sometimes, you're in a rush. It's modern times, and nobody ever has time to devote their full attention to anything anymore! Crazy to think you can sit even your own family down for ten, or even five ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Aug. 07, 2015

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