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They say you can't get along these days without social media. Why, nobody would know who you are, even if you have a website with your name on it!

So, I do have a social media presence.


God damn, I hate Facebook. But, you know, I'm still on there. Be my friend or something. If I'm not banned for posting some of the stuff on this site.


I oddly don't dislike Twitter, or at least not as much as Facebook. It at least teaches people to get to the point.


I like Mewe. It reminds me of when the Internet was for having fun. Also it's run by a privacy advocate, so they're not selling your data or censoring your feed. A+ social network.

No, I don't have an Insta, or anything else. I probably won't ever, but who knows?

Posted: Sep. 11, 2020

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