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Nog! The Musical

It's a musical about the world's, like, 2nd or 3rd favorite holiday beverage. With such rousing numbers as "ask not for whom the egg nogs," and "nearer my nog to thee," this passionate off-off-off Bro...(Click to see more)

Posted: Dec. 04, 2020

Gift Ideas

Ever know someone who you just, for whatever reason, cannot stand? Someone you loathe, whose very existence infuriates you? Do they have a rotten child whom they don't discipline and you can tell is g...(Click to see more)

Posted: Dec. 23, 2017

Favorite Celebrations

In an extra-official* poll, I was able to find out what people are celebrating in December these days.
...(Click to see more)

Posted: Dec. 11, 2017

Bottom 10 gift ideas

In a recent poll of retail workers in the United States, these items were found to have the worst sales and/or highest return for non-replacement figures in the entire shoppingverse. Be advised when y...(Click to see more)

Posted: Nov. 25, 2017

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