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I once killed a man for asking me to help him commit suicide.

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Missing My Baby

Our test phrase is "missing my baby," and it is being run through various musical genres. Watch and learn....(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 16, 2021

Grand Theft Wagon

New from Rockstar Games: Oregon Trail. The gritty game of pioneer life, death, and everything in between.

Reserve your copy today!...(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 01, 2019

Giraffe defenses

Giraffes. Nature's neckiest creature. By god, I hate the shit out of every last one of them, but they have interesting defense mechanisms when they are confronted by predators.
Created for SauceTown ...(Click to see more)

Posted: Apr. 30, 2018

Important safety tip

I made a series of irrelevant or incredibly specific bumper stickers.
This is #36.
Pay up, in tacos.

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Posted: Mar. 01, 2015

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