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Oh, John.

John Travolta is allowed in front of a camera yet again, this time taking advantage of the fact that apparently nobody will stop him. Behold the 90 minutes that terrified a nation....

Posted: Jul. 29, 2019

Tim Burton's Latest

New from Tim Burton, a story about a weird, morbid, eccentric guy, who is actually just misunderstood and quite likable. This guy has to win the hearts and minds of people who don;t trust him at first...

Posted: Sep. 21, 2016

King Who?

You know, I kind of wish "King Ralph" was a sequel or remake of "Kong." Would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining....

Posted: May. 07, 2015

Johnny's deep

Fan favorite Johnny Depp is not one to rest on his laurels. He still makes great efforts to ensure that his acting is top-notch....

Posted: May. 02, 2015

My other Elton John...

I've put together a collection of impractical or oddly specific bumper stickers.
This is #12, and no, I don't know why.

To vote for this one, click and leave a comment and/or a like....

Posted: Feb. 13, 2015

Historical Quotes #20

Another in a series of Election Day themed lesser-known quotes from historical figures. This time, presidental candidate John C. Fremont, well known for keeping a dildo in his coat pocket....

Posted: Nov. 04, 2014

Johnny Facepunch

From the depths of something, he waited.

From the masters of really annoying horror, comes the movie nobody was waiting for.


Get ready to get your face all sorts...

Posted: Apr. 21, 2013

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