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Pilsner Urkel

Everyone remember back in the mid-90s, when "Family Matters" was the king of ABC's "TGIF" block of sitcoms.
Well, a lot of people probably also recall that the character of Steve Urkel quickly upstaged everyone else on the whole show, and had his own relatively-insane media and marketing blitz.

Urkel was everywhere, and had his own shirts, stickers, and even a breakfast cereal. This is one of the lesser-known offerings from this very special time in history. It wasn't out for long, probably because kids couldn't buy it, and that was the main demographic. Still, I happen to have 2 cases of this rare brew in my basement, and when times are tough, I'll go down there, unfold a lawn chair and tip back a bottle of this robust brew, to remind myself that life is good.

Posted: Jun. 09, 2012

Tags: urkel, beer, pilsner

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