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Radio Clip: Latrell

Ok, so back before I was a rapper, and consequently, before I did this website, I was the co-host of a radio show. The radio show was called "One-Hour Pharmacy" - because it was an hour long, and the slogan was "A Cure For the Common Show."

There were some comedic bits, when we weren't making fun of emo kids (hey, it was 2002 - those were new back then), which actually had some level of production.

This was one of those segments. It is a parody of those ads that offered some sort of exclusive stuff, or some kind of greatest-hits compilation. This time featuring "Latrell," the inventor of the "yo mama" joke, and his compilation of jokes that didn't make the grade.


Posted: Sep. 25, 2015

Tags: 1HRx, radio, clip, latrell, yo mama, 2002, video

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