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Random Dialogue #14

I've been making it a habit to note things I've heard in public which I find amusing. This one came from a disgruntled fellow in an admission line, who was airing his grievance to either the guy stand...

Posted: Mar. 05, 2018

Safe Search: OFF!

You're a mature, responsible person, surely capable of handling the occasional adulty thing that pops up in a search every now and then. I mean, come on, right? If you can't trust yourself, can you re...

Posted: Oct. 10, 2017

My first what now?

Living in a police state as we do, it's sometimes tough to explain certain concepts to kids. Concepts like why an authority figure might need to thumb their buttholes for reasons of security, and why ...

Posted: Apr. 21, 2017

The Chief knows

I made a series of irrelevant or incredibly specific bumper stickers.
This is #31.
The wisdom of those close to the land.

To vote for this one, click and leave a comment and/or a like....

Posted: Feb. 20, 2015

Fondling Forrester

Anyone remember this movie? One of Connery's better recent films.

It's really a touching story, even the part with the axle grease and the butthole thumbing....

Posted: Dec. 05, 2013

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